The Builders of the Century – rules and terms and conditions

Read the instructions carefully before participating in the challenge competition.

The Builders of the Century is a challenge competition set in motion by the Council of Finnish Foundations’ membership and funded by the foundations. By participating in the competition you agree to the competition rules described below. The organiser has the right to disqualify a team from the competition, if the team or its member violates the competition rules or Finnish law. Notice of disqualification will be emailed to the team’s contact person.

1. Challenge

Develop a solution, which increases the ability of young people aged 10-26 years and the people involved in their everyday lives to support young people’s well-being and participation in society. The solution can be related to any area of young people’s lives, such as school, education and expertise as well as free time, home conditions or work.

2. Application eligibility

2.1 The application must be submitted to the web platform specified by the organiser by 12:00 noon on 1.2.2017. The organiser is not responsible for applications that are lost, damaged or late due to information technology problems.

2.2 Participation in the challenge competition is done as a team, whose members must include at least three different organizational parties or persons. The maximum team size is undefined. A team member can be a natural person or organization. At least one of the team members must either be a non-profit registered association, foundation, public actor or private person. Other team members can be private persons or freely any form of legal actors whatsoever. There is no age limit for person members.

2.3 One party may participate in more than one team submitting a competition entry if it wishes, and can also be rewarded for more than one solution.

3. Applications selected for qualification 

3.1 Eligible applications are evaluated based on the application criteria, on the basis of which the teams are selected for qualification. Teams that are selected for qualification will be notified by email. The qualified teams can be asked to supplement their application by a specified deadline as a precondition for participating in the competition.

3.2 The decisions made by the jury and the organiser on application eligibility, teams selected for qualification and the competition winner/winners are final. The jury has the right not to choose a winner.

4. Competition area and language

4.1 The challenge competition’s solutions must be connected to improving the well-being of young people living in Finland. The solution can also improve the well-being of young people living elsewhere in the world.

4.2 The challenge competition entries can be submitted in Finnish, Swedish, or English both in the first stage and the final.

4.3 The competition takes place in Finland and Finnish legislation applies to it.

5. Competition time and registering a competition entry

Participation in the Builders of the Century challenge competition is done by submitting an application by 12:00 noon on 1.2.2017, through an electronic form on the web platform specified by the organiser. This is followed by the final stage for which 10-20 proposals will be chosen. Teams participating in the final stage are expected to develop their proposal. A team participating in the final stage can be strengthened if necessary. The winner, or winners, will be announced in the award ceremony organised on 1.10.2017.

6. Publicity of participation information

The organisers have the right to publish the names of the teams and their members participating in the competition on both their internal and external websites as well as in their other activity. Publication is done in cooperation with each team, so that the teams can accept the content of the material that will be published and make sure that the material includes no business ideas or trade secrets that the team does not wish to publish. The organiser has the right to agree on the content of publications with the contact person appointed by the team.

7. Prizes

7.1 The challenge competition is organised by a pool of foundations and funds belonging to the membership of the Council of Finnish Foundations. The goal of the organisers is to find new solutions for supporting young people’s well-being and involvement. The organisers made a commitment together to fund considerable prize money, if the proposals submitted to the competition are broadly such that they are suitable for the foundations’ funding. The organisers reserve the right to not award the first prize, in the situation that none of the competition proposals match the necessary requirements for the foundations’ funding.

7.2 The prize money can be awarded to one competition entry or the prize can be shared between more than one entries. The funding conditions of the foundations behind the competition apply to the granting of the prize money. This may limit the payment of funding to different actors within a team. However, this does not influence the selection of solutions to be rewarded, which is done by the jury.

8. Withdrawal or disqualification from the competition

8.1 The organiser has the right to disqualify a team from the competition if the team or its members break the competition rules or Finnish law.

8.2 A team can be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition if
it announces its withdrawal from the competition in writing or
the team or its member does not participate in the competition’s workshops and events or
the team does not submit the required entries or forms by the deadline
the team does not respond to being contacted within 14 days.

8.3 If a team withdraws from the competition
it must pay back to the organiser the development money provided for the development of the solution the organiser may, but does not have to, promote a new team to the competition.

9. Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights for competition proposals remain with their authors. The organiser is not responsible for any legal intellectual property rights damages or other indirect or direct damages to participants or third parties.

10. Participants’ personal information

The Personal Data Act (22.4.1999/523) is adhered to when dealing with participants’ personal information. The personal data register is available on the competition website at

11. Changes in rules

The competition organiser reserves the right for rule changes by announcing them on the competition website at